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Admin Manager

Acts as the right hand of the server owner. Oversees that all admin do their job frequently and correctly. Must be responsible for the server in my stead, including taking any necessary disciplinary actions in order to resolve a conflict between admin. reports to me directly. Must be on daily.

Movie Host

Hosts weekly or monthly movie nights, held every Friday night. Must make an announcement about what movie will be watched and the time and time zone at which the movie will be hosted. Movies must be of mixed genres, or of the genre of popular vote.

Recruitment Manager

In charge of recruiting members for this server. This includes recruiting friends, friends of friends, and members of associated servers. Has the power to organize events for the purpose of recruitment. Must be on regularly.

Event Planner

In charge of planning, organizing, and hosting all events on the server. Must be on occasionally (at least once every week, though not required to hold weekly events).

Music Host

In charge of hosting weekly or monthly music nights in which they gather groups to stream and share their favorite music, preferably on Fridays. Must be active regularly and must be responsible and available to complete this job.


All unfilled admin roles are posted within the server, along with their qualifications. If you feel that you can successfully fill in one of these roles, contact the Owner or the Admin Manager. Only they can bestow and admin role upon a member.


A Discord server based on the arts of Music and Film

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